Meet The Team


Tshinza Stewart

Second member of Fourth Assassin Designs and founder/ head curator of Mint Condition Prohibition Museum. Collecting everything from stamps and toys to records and books and everything in between. Literally makes it his duty to know about every item that is purchased or donated to the museum.


Dominique Dickson

As a  long time merchandise creator for Fourth Assassin Designs, and the ability to learn and manage every position at Mint Condition Prohibition Museum, naturally falling into the position of CEO.


Sam Berry

Brother of Bobby, Sam was officially the first member of the FOURTH ASSASSIN design team. Bringing various skills to the team including character design, inking, and colorist, his outgoing personality and knack to know every single wrestler to ever wrestle, and endless knowledge of pop culture personalities makes him the perfect candidate for the position of Social Media Manager.


Bobby Berry

Bobby was the Founder of 4A Designs, a comic book and airbrush and custom clothing boutique formed in 94-96 in the city of Carson Ca. He needed artists to help with airbrushing so he formed a group of artist and designers that will come to be known as THE FOURTH ASSASSINS. Officially becoming the Manager of the team and future head of new accounts at Mint Condition Prohibition Museum.


James Black

Third Member of Fourth Assassin Designs. James Black is the perfect Man to round out the members. On top of being an artist, James is out computer tech, and all around idea sounding board. Whenever we come up with new exhibits, James does the numbers and creates the list of fixtures and displays needed to build an exhibit.


Isis Stewart

Isis is our Museum Cheerleader. Attending all live events, she will make her presence known, by either crying or having an awesome time. The only 4-year-old who can sing along with the Beatles and Queen, while watching Transformers, wearing Star Wars pajamas with WWE shoes, a Spawn hat, during Black History Month before she catches all the Pokemon.


Tziah Stewart

Tziah Stewart has been raised up around every convention you can think of... Comic Cons, Horror cons, art shows, fashion shows, book conventions, Star Wars, and video games... he has seen it all so naturally, he has become our photographer.


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