uss flagg restoration

As a recognized museum in the US, this was appropriately our first restoration project. The G.I Joe USS Flagg aircraft carrier. We bought a "good condition" sample of the toy. The decals were trashed and peeling, some parts were faded, and very few were missing. What we did was clean and assemble the 7-foot playset, stripped the old stickers and replaced them with a NOS (new old stock) set, replaced 3 missing orange missiles, 3 pin clips, and one radar piece then WAAALLLAAAAA.....a, minty new Uss Flagg ready to display.


There is no bigger example of American pop culture than the toy train. With Lionel and American Flyer being so of the big names in the game. What would our museum be without the World of Toy and model trains being front and center? We think the star of this collection is our newly acquired custom American Flyer S gauge layout built by Stephen and his Dad in the 40s. this layout has been featured in several magazines for the unique and innovative design features. It actually folds out from the wall into its custom frame featuring a bookshelf and lighting. It has switching sidings to add to the action. Come back to see part 2 and 3 of this special installment about this layout and more on model and toy trains.

Have you ever played "Cowboys and Indians"? ever dressed up as Wyatt Earp, Dale Evans, Tom Mix, Davy Crockett, Buffalo Bill, Jesse James or any one of the countless characters of the day? our cap gun and Wild West exhibit will blow you away. While there are some amazing cap gun collections out there with pristine examples of the rarest guns and accessories... We are in the process of building one of the Worlds biggest cap gun collections. We are going this route to preserve the scarce examples left in the wild that were played with and used by kids of the era. We plan to collect examples from every company, model, and make that we can find. As long as it presentable, it will be added into our collection. To accompany the guns, you can expect to see dress up costumes, spurs, hats, boots, and countless other "wild west " artifacts. Our goal with the WW exhibits it to introduce the new age youth to an era LOOOOOOONG gone, and to bring back memories to those who yelled "stick um up", over 60 years ago.