Our mission and goal is to preserve the childhood of every American through the collecting, exhibiting, and education of pop culture and historical artifacts. We pride ourselves on the ability (through our stories) to capture a point in every visitor's Life and bring a smile. Our collections consist of almost every aspect of American history including music, television and cinema, gaming industries including video, board, card, and kids...sports....comic books and comic related materials...fine art, modern art, and sculptures, and we even have a very large library collecting vintage and rare comic books, comic literature, comic strips collected, art books, and any type of book dealing with the entertainment industry.
One of our future major focuses is the era of prohibition, this is a time in history that is not represented well in the museum field and we plan on changing that with the major exhibit focusing on artifacts like person authentic clothing, gangster used hardware such as weapons, autos, steels, clothing, and bootlegging items.

Art gallery project

One of our most anticipated projects is our art gallery. This is our way of celebrating art and artist from around the World and particularly California...where we are located. We currently house in our collection original works from Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and even a few original Basquiat. We have recently started a program where we go to our local colleges and art programs to collect amazing pieces of art ranging from oil paintings to fine sculptures. These will be collected and displayed ALONGSIDE the greats mentioned above. This is a very ambitious program and will be a prominent feature in our mobile museum project until we find our destination location in CA. please stay tuned for this very exciting adventure.